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Why You Should Join Me

Welcome to GenieMatch! 

Here's what the Genie is offering YOU!

A place to connect with good people, feel less alone and feel more encouraged through creative inspiration!  GenieMatch is the official trigger to ignite positive change and connections!

We are an online building which currently offers a first floor of inspirational support and the ability to find genuine connections. Coming soon with the 2nd, and 3rd floor!

What sets this community apart?

On top of receiving a trigger of Genie inspiration and supporting each other in a way that is not judgemental. 

GenieMatch is connected to the Pursuing Compatibility Podcast and Pursuing Compatibility Online Shop, which focuses on helping the loneliness statistics, easing heartbreak, reducing the divorce rate, and other creative ways to trigger social change in the future!

Our Partners Include:

Transform U! Media Network

Prosperity Pathways - The Ultimate Online Resource Center For Jobs

Dr. Cynthia Stone - The Honorary Doctor of Love


You can read founder's full biography at this link:


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