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Annamarie- (Genie) GenieMatch Founder

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Welcome to GenieMatch! 

Why Join?

GenieMatch is a compassionate forum platform where you can get and give inspirational support and resources.

Why Is That Important?

Too many of us can feel alone, discouraged, facing health problems, job loss, financial issues, finding a job, interview struggles, family issues, dating issues, cross cultural issues and more. GenieMatch is the official trigger to ignite positive change.

What Sets Us Apart?

A great opportunity to connect with great people and read inspirational content to trigger a better society on various topics such as cultural competence, living abroad, elevating self-awareness, upgrading our mental health, our dating and love culture and other topics.

GenieMatch is connected to the Pursuing Compatibility Podcast and Pursuing Compatibility Online Shop, which focuses on helping the loneliness statistics, easing heartbreak, reducing the divorce rate, and other creative ways to trigger social change in the future!

Our Partners Include:

Transform U! Media Network

Prosperity Pathways - The Ultimate Online Resource Center For Jobs

Dr. Cynthia Stone - The Honorary Doctor of Love


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